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The EFTSA is committed to school improvement through a school-led system of collaboration and support. Please use the contact us form to enquire as to how the EFTSA can support your school with bespoke packages. We are able to draw on skill and expertise from across our alliance so that support can be personalised to your precise needs.

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Evaluation of SLE Deployment Form

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Support Evaluation Form

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"We learnt how to conduct Helicopter training in our setting. We also learnt the value of the training to benefit the children."

− Emma Ellson - St Albans - Helicopter Technique

"How so many maths aspects can be applied in so many simple ways."

− Katie Styles - Cedar Primary - Maths

"Refreshing activities which are easy to implement. Loved the box ideas."

− J Beesley - Cedar Primary - Maths

"It was brilliant and really interesting to watch the children."

− Parents Woodwork / Intelligent Materials Workshop

"Good, really enjoyed it. Liked the short intro talk about what and why, good advice to support but not lead your child."

− Parents Woodwork / Intelligent Materials Workshop

"A great training session - this improved my confidence and I now want to use the firepit with our children."

− Roz Munday - Northfleet Nursery School - Campfires and Cooking

"Thank you for teaching me a new way to deal with the fire and how to be safe."

− Genny - Northfleet Nursery School - Camping and Cooking

"Great ideas, enjoyed initial practical activities and the video was great."

− Claire Holder - Shears Green - Pete Moorhouse

"Lots of Ideas on how to use scrap materials of all sorts ie metals, wood and plastic."

− Carol Wills - Cecil Road - Pete Moorhouse